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Census of Ireland 1901

Over the years, the names of some of the streets of the town changed. In addition, the 1901 Census of Ireland used a number of names never used before or since. For this reason a number of minor streets and lanes have been "tacked on" to the Square.

In the Square, the Census enumerated 216 persons in 41 households; a ratio of 5.3 people per household. The households occupied a total of 288 rooms, a ratio of 5.6 rooms per household and 0.75 people per room. 18 of the households occupied between 2 and 5 rooms; 16 occupied between 6 and 9 rooms and seven occupied between 10 and 14 rooms. One of the households had 2 rooms and three had 14 rooms.

In Browns Lane, there were 45 people in 10 households, a ratio of 4.5 people per household. The households occupied a total of 21 rooms, a ratio of 2.1 rooms per household and 2.1 persons per room. Nine of the households occupied 2 room, and one occupied 3 rooms.

Native Irish Speakers

In the Square, of the 41 households enumerated in the Census, eight contained at a total of 12 native Irish speakers. Since theirs was the last generation to have been born into a predominently Irish speaking environment, their names, occupations and ages are recorded here. Five were born in Co. Armagh, five in Co. Monaghan, one in Co. Cork and one in Kings County.

  • Patrick McCluskey, shoemaker, 26
  • Mary Keenan, servant to John McCormick, 40
  • John O'Connor, solicitor, 39
  • Margaret McGowan, retired merchant, widow, 65
    and her sister Bridget Keenan, retired farmer, widow, 68
  • Patrick McEntee, butcher, 38
  • Jane McCardle, seamstress, widow, 36
    and a boarder Ellen Kelly, seamstress, 38
  • Thomas Kelly, tailor, 63
    and his wife Bridget, 63
  • Michael Quigley, national teacher, 33
    and his wife Mary Josephine, national teacher, 31
* The average age of the group was 45; the oldest was 68, the youngest was 26.
* Of the group, ten could read and write and two could read.

Unlike the scheme adopted in the townlands, the names are not listed alphabetically and the following table reproduces the order in which they appear in the records. People other than householders are individually identified by bracketed comments.

Griffiths Valuation Census of Ireland First NI Revaluation Second Revaluation
1864 1901 1935 1957 1970
McDonnell Jerimiah McCluskey Patrick McCormick Mary K. (land) McCormack Mary K. (land) Carragher Eugene
Mulligan James McCormick John Kearney Bridget Harvey peter Carragher Eugene (land)
Dempsey Margaret Clerkin Philip McCumiskey Eliza Cumiskey H. Toner C. (hairdressers)
Conolly Martin O'Connor John McCabe Catherine McCabe Catherine Shields Elizabeth *
McEneny Owen Quinn Mary Magill James McCusker J. (shop) Shields Patrick *
Browne William Keenan Patrick McCusker Joseph McCusker J. Moley Gerard
Craig James McGowan Margaret McConville Francis McConville Patrick (offices, yard) McCabe Catherine
Craig James McGill Daniel Treanor Owen (licensed house) Theanor Thomas (Chum) (Liccensed house) McCusker Bridie
Connolly Michael Martin Margaret Treanor Owen Treanor Thomas McCusker Mary
Stitt William (offices, yard) Donaldson Barbara McNulty Bridget Murray Rev. Canon Henry (Cinema) McConville Patrick (offices, yard)
Lennon Michael McAllister Thomas Keenan Edward Keenan Patrick Theanor Thomas (Chum) (Liccensed house)
Kane Edward Quinn Peter Lennon Alice Caragher Frank Treanor Thomas
Conlan James Duffy James O'Callaghan Patrick James O'Callaghan Patrick J. Murray Rev. Healy Joseph (Cinema)
McQuillan Patrick Kernan James Callaghan James McArdle Mary Keenan Violet
Croker Edward Lennon Catherine O'Donnell James O'Donnell William Caragher Jean
Donaldson Alexander Hale Francis McGeough James Hughes Joseph O'Callaghan Patrick J.
Donaldson Alexander McAllister John McKenna Thomas McKenna Rose McArdle Margaret Ellen
Stephens James McCardle Jane McShane Patrick McShane Patrick O'Donnell William
Gordon Francis Kiernan Patrick McAllister Margaret McAllister Robert Hughes James Oliver
Goodwin Bridget Craige Anne Casey Hugh Lyons Daniel McKenna Rose
Quinn Peter Brown Samuel Martin Margaret Martin Josephine McShane Patrick
Stitt Willaim Murphy Mary Morgan James Morgan James McAllister Robert
Hale Richard Treanor Owen Quinn Patrick Quinn Alice Kieran Margaret
McCormick Anne Green Patrick Grant Felix Grant Felix Kieran Margaret
Ligget Charles Kelly Thomas McArdle John Grant Felix (offices , yard) Morgan Mary
Holmes Gordon neill Mary McEntee Bridget McNamee Daniel Quinn Alice
Donaghy John Moorehead ? Feenan James Quigley Margaret Grant Felix
McNamee Hugh Bates William Hanlon Patrick (shop) McEntee Eugene McNamee Daniel
McConvill James Corr Hugh McCormack Mary K Duffy Margaret Quigley Margaret
Macken Michael Quigley Michael Murphy Patrick Quinn Annie McEntee Eugene
Bennett Patrick Donnelly Michael Campbell Alexander Shields P. (shop) Quigley Margaret
McArdle Philip Hughes John Hanratty Anne McCormack Mary K. Quinn Annie
McEntee Thomas McEntee Patrick McConville Patrick (land) McEntee J. (shop) Corrigan James
Jordan James Fechan Sarah McConville Patrick Murphy Patrick Cassidy Patrick
Cassidy Patrick McCardle Annie Connolly James Donaghy Thomas Murphy Patrick
Hanratty John Coyne Catherine McArdle Annie McConville Patrick Murphy Bernard
Hughes Edward McConville Patrick McGahan Gerard F. McGeough Paul McNabb Colum
Lesson Miss McNamee Catherine McNulty Bridget Kearney Martin McConville Patrick
Quinn Terence Grant James McClelland William Clarke Patrick McGeough Paul
Quinn Bridget McNally John McCabe Peter Cumiskey J. Rodgers Patrick (store)
Hughes Cornelius Hanratty James Murphy Patrick (garage) Cumiskey J. (offices) Clarke Patrick
Graham John   Martin Patrick McConville P. (offices) Cumiskey J. (store, petrol station)
McCabe Henry Browns Lane Kelly James Martin Patrick Cumiskey J. (offices)
Corr William Mackin John Hibernian Bank Ltd Carragher Eugene McConville P. (offices)
  Moynes Mary Loane George Loane George Martin Patrick John
Shamble Lane Norton Bridget O'Connor Maurice (office, yard) Donaghy James Carragher Eugene
Macken Catherine McCardle Michael Clarke Robert (office, yard) O'Connor Maurice (office) Loane George
Lennon Bridget Kearney John Malcolmson James Malcolmson J. Donaghy James
Martin George Grant Bridget M.     Haughey John (office)
Purcell Edward O'Hare Denis Mill Lane Mill Lane  
Lennon Daniel Hearty Michael McConville Patrick (Land) McConville Patrick (Land) * shared ownership
  Short Francis Keenan Patrick (offices and land) Keenan Patrick (Land)  
Lane off The Square Hughes James     Mill Lane
McAllister Thomas       McConville Patrick (Land)
Hearty Thomas       Keenan Patrick (Land)
Quinn Bridget       Gerard & Eugene McEntee (Offices and yard)
Martin Thomas        
Hoey Anne        

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