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Census of Ireland 1901

Carlingford Street as a place does not appear in the BI summary sheets of the Census. This is one of a number of anomolies described in the Crossmaglen main page. As there does not appear to be an appropriate BI Census sheet or individual A1 forms the position in 1901 can not be ascertained. It is assumed that the households and people in the street were in fact counted somewhere and are included in the town total figures.

Names of House and other Land Holders

Unlike the scheme adopted in the townlands, the names are not listed alphabetically and the following table reproduces the order in which they appear in the records.

Griffiths Valuation Census of Ireland First NI Revaluation Second Revaluation
1864 1901 * 1935 1957 1970
Lennon Michael   Hughes Michael Hughes Michael McEntee Eugene
Lamb Thomas * No BI form for this street. McEntee John McEntee John Duffy Thomas
Callaghan Edward   Farnan Michael Boyle James Daly Mary
McDonnell Anne (garden)   Duffy Thomas Duffy Thomas Hughes James
McArdle Arthur   Rush Francis Rush Francis Morgan Thomas
McDermott Eleanor   Reilly Thomas Hughes James Morgan Patrick
McAllister James   Morgan Patrick Morgan Patrick McKeown Patrick
    Morgan Patrick McKeown Patrick Quillan Mary
    McAllister James Quillan Mary  
    Quillan Kate    

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